When we talk about extreme diets , we could carry out an infinite list. The Japanese diet, the snake diet … the possibilities are endless and the ‘crazy’ to lose weight , too.

Although, little by little, people begin to become aware that a healthy and balanced diet based on real food is the answer to a healthy life, there are specific diets or certain habits that can help with greater weight loss . Or, at least, it seems.

We have already talked many times about the benefits of coffee . One cup a day helps the metabolism to work faster, awakens the senses and also promotes fat burning. Under this premise, Dr. Bob Arnot in his book ‘The Coffe Lover’s Diet’ explains how the coffee conusm can become an indispensable ally when it comes to losing weight.

Drinking a minimum of three cups of coffee daily (yes, a soft roast, as it contains a higher level of polyphenols) is the key to losing weight . In fact, you can drink all the coffee you want, even decaffeinated, as long as you reach three cups a day.

The Dr. Arnot includes a detailed research behind this proposal is that, according to the results, coffee has the ability to control appetite, reduce fat absorption, give it a ‘boost’ metabolism, improve circulation and burn fat . How to drink coffee to maximize these benefits? We must say goodbye to sugar and milk, especially since milk reduces the absorption of polyphenols.

If you are a coffee lover, you are going for cup number two, however, we have bad news: this is not the only key to the diet. In addition to the three cups, you should avoid refined carbohydrates, processed foods and base your diet on the Mediterranean diet, eating an average of 1500 calories a day.

Does the diet work?

The truth is that although the basis of the diet is coffee, it is the set of its benefits and a healthy diet that will really give results. Can this diet be dangerous? The answer varies, but yes: we don’t all tolerate caffeine in the same way.

By drinking coffee alone and in large quantities we could experience different symptoms, which would show that not everyone can consume coffee. And, its consumption can trigger digestive irritation and caffeine can cause high blood pressure, anxiety, dehydration and insomnia. So, before starting this diet, you should test your tolerance for coffee, so that there is no side effect.



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