The real secret of a beautiful skin and face is not only good hydration, a good diet and a correct beauty routine , but it is also vital that we protect our skin from the sun every morning, that we remove makeup every night and also put in practice one of the favorite tricks of Asian women for perfect skin: apply a facial mask daily .

And if the first thing that is going through your mind after reading this is that you do not have time, we regret to tell you that that excuse is no longer valid, because more and more masks are available in the market and to apply some of them, just You will need less than 5 minutes.

And if what you’re thinking now is that finding that perfect mask for your skin is an impossible mission, you’re wrong! because we have already found her thanks to one of the latest beauty recommendations from the influencer Sara Escudero , better known on Instagram as Vintage Collage .

That’s right, not only do we declare ourselves fans of all her looks and viral clothes, like the crochet top she shares with Sara Carbonero or that worn out Zara dress that already has all the influencers , but another one of the things we love about the It is that she always has a very careful skin and face . So that’s why we have not let out its great beauty ally with which the influencer manages to forget about the open pores and blackheads: Dior’s Hydra Life pores away pink clay mask cleansing face mask.

A clay mask enriched with natural minerals and jojoba extract that purifies the skin in depth, minimizes the appearance of open pores and mattifies the skin . It is also able to remove all impurities from the face very gently and all in just 3 minutes.

You will only have to apply it and leave it to act during those 3 minutes (avoiding the contour of the eyes and lips) and then it is time to rinse it with water. The clay will become a delicate foam very easy to remove.

And the best thing is that by being enriched with natural minerals you will get the pores to be cleaned and closed but without drying out the skin (one of the main mistakes of many products to treat oily skin).


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