It seems that the change of season is encouraging celebrities to change their hair looks. If Karlie Kloss , Monica Belucci and Bella Hadid have taken the opportunity to cut considerably the length of their hair , Dua Lipa has preferred to put a good scissor on her bangs .

The singer presented yesterday the new perfume of YSL, Libre, of which she is an image. And he did it in Paris, taking advantage of the Paris Fashion Week framework, where he surprised attendees with his new hair look: a straight bangs, just below the eyebrows , which perfectly frames his gaze.

The success in social networks of this style has been such that her followers have already proclaimed her as the new queen of bangs . However, the comments that Dua has left on his own Instagram account make him suspect that it may be a hairpiece. In one of his images he has written “my hair is full of secrets”, which could indicate that it is not a real haircut, but that the English could have used a wig or hairpiece to create this look.

“This bangs is perfect for oval faces and for elongated faces , since it visually shortens their features; although it is also suitable for angled factions because it contributes to breaking those marked features, ”explains Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez . In addition, it is able to rejuvenate and frame the look.


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