Surely it has also happened to you that, a few days after having gone to the hairdresser to make a good haircut , you have regretted it infinitely. Well it seems that Selena Gomez has also experienced that sensation since, just two weeks after having made a bob cut , she has appeared with an extra long mane , the result of some extensions .

Maybe at the end of the holiday the singer and actress needed to clean her hair and that’s why she opted for a short bob , a style that triumphed last spring among celebrities and influencers and that this fall is also a winning option. And, although it is a perfect cut to end any damaged or weakened hair , Selena has not had to convince too much and that is why she has got rid of him with the help of some extensions. This was shown on Instagram.

If you have also had a hair slip like Selena’s and you are going to encourage yourself to put extensions, keep in mind the tips of the hairdresser Diana Daureo:
· They can be put on any length of hair, but it is not advisable to place them more than five fingers in length of your length ; otherwise the result is not so natural.
· Once you have them placed, wash your head with shampoos without silicones or sulfates , so that they do not spoil the adhesive.
· Hydrate them just like you do with your hair , since the hair of the extensions is also 100% natural. Ideally, always use conditioner and apply a mask once a week.
· Remember to always untangle them with dry hairso as not to spoil the cuticle and we will hydrate it just like ours.
· Every two and a half months you will have to go to the hairdressing salon to have them removed and you can upload them again.



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