We warn you as soon as September begins, we warn you that this fall the natural manicure was going to make you forget about the multicolored manicure that we saw so much triumphing this summer and, once again, we are right again!

In fact, the influencers were the first to show it to us on their Instagram accounts with light pastel pink enamels, nude, with tones close to skin tone or even with transparent enamels . But within this classification of natural nails, we must also include one of the quintessential nail trends, which always ends up returning to our lives: the French manicure .

Yes, we refer to that manicure ‘of a lifetime’ that maintains a natural light pink at the base of the nail and the white tips resembling a natural nail but without being it. Did you think that with so much brilli brilli, colors and fancy designs , this manicure would not come back?

Well, we assure you that this fall this will be one of the most successful nail trends and the first to anticipate it has been Sara Carbonero , through one of her stories. “There is always a first time,” the journalist published next to a video in which she could see her new manicure.

But the truth is that Sara Carbonero has not been the only one to return to this classic nail design. Another one that has not been able to resist has been the influencer Marta Lozano , who also left evidence in stories of her new manicure yesterday, in a more rounded design than the one chosen by Sara Carbonero.

In addition, the best thing about this type of manicure is that it is super easy to do, in fact in the market there are many options for you to do it at home and get a result as natural and flattering as that of Sara Carbonero .

What are you waiting for to copy it this fall?



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