If what you’re wondering is, can your hairstyle really help you look younger? We definitely assure you that it is. And like a look, a makeup, a haircut … they can rejuvenate you, a simple hairstyle can also get it. One of them was the easiest hairstyle we signed in Zara perfect to take years off this fall and now the one in charge of showing us that rejuvenating our appearance is possible without having to resort to the scalpel, it has been Paula Echevarría .

That’s right, the actress has surprised us on Instagram with a hairstyle that seems like a safe bet for all those who want to wear a bold, different and rejuvenating hairstyle . On this occasion, the girl has wore a hairstyle with loose mane, stripe to the side and a small side section collected simulating that effect of shaved side. A trend that never goes out of style and that brings that touch rocker and full of personality to any look.

Paula Echevarría has worn this hairstyle for her last campaign with Tous, along with a smoky eye makeup and a deep matte red lipstick. The result? A super bold look that is ideal to rejuvenate instantly .

We are already planning to copy it this fall to take the odd year off . And if you are thinking the same thing, but you don’t know how to copy it, calm down! You just need to take note of these simple steps:

Step 1 : Comb your hair by curling it from medium to tip with your curling iron or iron and without marking the curl too much (we just want to add volume to the mane).

Step 2 : Comb your hair with the side parting as Paula Echevarría wears it.

Step 3 : Take a small portion of side hair that picks the hair from the side parting to the height of the ear. Comb it with some fixing gel or lacquer and then hold it at the top of the crown with a pair of hairpins and below the rest of the hair that is loose.

And ready! You already know all the steps to follow to copy this new lookazo of the actress. Will you dare to wear it this fall?


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