It has given us the surprise of the week. Who would have imagined that María Pedraza , owner of one of the most iconic mane of Spanish television, was going to change her brown curls for an almost platinum blonde ? The change of look can not be more radical . Maria has gone from a frankly adolescent aspect, to appropriating a much more sexy , daring and, in some way, hard style. It will probably come with pearls to apply for new television and film roles in which a more adult and urban type of woman is required . Although, really, we liked his discoloration in brown tones so much …

It was not at all clear that María Pedraza wanted to upload the photo of her new look to the networks: even her representative was surprised when she sees that, finally, she decided to share her new hair with her fans. “You climbed it! You couldn’t resist! You’re a flamenco punk.” The reactions of her friends did not wait. “You are beautiful,” writes singer Aitana . “Woooooow,” says Blanca Suarez . His filming partner in “Elite”, Belén Expósito, says “Yas yas mi little girl”. Cristina Pedroche was the most loving: she left a string of hearts.

The truth is that María Pedraza , along with her colorist, has chosen the blond that usually looks pretty brunette and chestnut: a very clear tone, between platinum and white . In addition, by leaving the black roots (another punk touch that collaborates when updating the look), harmony with the eyebrows and skin tone continues. What he always has in his favor are his stunning blue eyes and his essence, tremendously sexy . Therefore, wear the hair you wear, we continue to see in it a domain of suggestion in the purest Marilyn style. Now, with his new blond, multiplied by a thousand.


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