María Pedraza has been bittersweet for a few days. On the one hand, her interpretation in the new series of Antena 3 “Toy Boy” has not had the good reviews to which she is accustomed: too childish for a role of a fierce lawyer, many spectators have expressed. On the other, his change of look from brown to almost platinum blonde has triumphed greatly between critics and followers. It has given an adult twist to its total image, something that can come in handy for future roles. And, of course, facing the influence of fashion. In fact, his appearance in the ‘front row’ of Balmain at the Paris Fashion Week has caused a sensation thanks to a make-up fantastic rocker. In fact, we keep it as a top inspiration for the upcoming party looks .

What convinces us most of this nocturnal look of María Pedraza is that it can be cloned very easily, whatever your hair. The Pedraza stylist has had to smooth the curls of the actress to achieve that disheveled and undone wave effect that, if you have straight hair, you will have to work with an iron and fix with a salt spray type product. To finish, you just have to pick up one side of the mane back with invisible hairpins . It will look great if you wear a very short bob as a long mane.

Makeup does require more time and elaboration, especially to achieve the super uniform nude texture that we see on the skin and lips. It is best to repeat the contouring routine that you already know that your skin tone is doing well and dispense with highlighting the cheekbones or lips with a second tone . Better to follow in the nude line (if any, slightly mark the cheekbones with more pigment intensity) and move on to the illuminator. We want to get all the attention directed to the eyes, very worked with a very marked eyeliner and black shadow. Even if you don’t have María Pedraza’s stunning blue eyes, the sexy effect is assured.


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