The celebrities are making clear what their favorite haircut is to welcome autumn : the bob . If fifteen days ago it was Bella Hadid and last week Dua Lipa and the ones that premiered Melenites, now it is Jennifer Lopez who has returned to bet on this hair style, which is most rejuvenating.

At the end of August the singer decided to replace her long hair with a midi hair , more blonde than usual, to clean it up after the summer holidays. But he looked brown and long last month during the Versace Milan Fashion Week parade . And now, after the busy days that have happened to present his new perfume – number 25 of his fragrance list -, organize an engagement party with his fiance, Alex Rodriguez, and confirm that he will be the main artist of the Super Halftime Bowl, has decided to cut his hair a little more .

Her usual hairdresser , Chris Appleton has again been in charge of this nth change of look of the protagonist of Hustlers, which not only includes a haircut , but also involves the return to the blond . Appleton himself has revealed in his Instagram profile that he just gave a good scissor to the mane of JLo, which now sports a bob cut . Will this new hair style last until fall or will we be surprised next month with a new hair look?


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