The high and extra long ponytail has become the hallmark of Ariana Grande , who in recent years has worn this hairstyle countless times, both upstairs and offstage – including herself uploaded an image to her account this summer. Instagram from when she was little, wearing a ponytail, to prove that it was her favorite hair look since she has reason . However, the singer could be somewhat tired of always having the same hair …

Ariana is immersed in her Sweetener / Thank U, Next tour, where she sang a few days ago in Germany, a country she chose to go out to her audience without her usual queue. Instead of wearing this one, Ariana chose to act with her long mane in the wind, held only by clip forks at the temples. Although this is not the first time that the performer of the song 7 Rings dispenses with her (so far) inseparable pigtail. In June he also offered a concert in Chicago with loose hair , a style that had a great success among his fans, who asked him on Twitter to show off his loose hair more frequently.

Last year Ariana reflected on her ponytail on Twitter , saying that there were things that were meant to be a certain way and that her ponytail was predestined to be her fetish hairstyle. Although he also recognized that his scalp needs a break from time to time , since the high and tight pigtail can cause some damage in this and also the occasional headache.


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