This change of season is usually achieved with very damaged hair . First, because the fall in autumn has no brake, but this is already flour from another post, and second, because the hair has not yet recovered from the erosion of summer , which mistreats the fiber to unsuspected levels.

It’s time to get down to work, and turn that Sandokan hair into a mane worthy of Charlie’s angels. What to do? First of all, check the products with which you are washing your hair and may be making it even rougher. You will almost certainly have to change them to adapt them to the new characteristics of your hair, which is screaming for extra doses of hydration . Get a specific shampoo and conditioner for damaged, dry or frizzy hair , as the case may be, and do not separate from them until the fiber has regained full elasticity. It is important that you have moisturizing lipids such as shea butter or jojoba oil in your composition .

Then, before combing it, put a small amount of repair serum from means to ends and pass a shovel brush so that the product is distributed evenly. If you have it curly, forget, at least for a while, the styling foams that incorporate alcohol , and in all cases, lock the dry shampoo . Another don’t? If you are going to use some irons , let it be sporadically , and never ever without safeguarding your hair with a thermal protector .

All these pampering that you will foreseeably give to your hair in the morning you will have to complement them at night so that it recovers the softness. Before getting into bed, put on a nourishing mask – or a hair oil -, and leave it until the alarm sounds. Be careful, of course, to collect the hair in a thick shower cap and cover the pillow with a plastic so as not to leave it lost.

If the mane is very dehydrated, it may have split ends, so it will also be very good to clean it by cutting a few centimeters . Don’t you want to do without your length? Then repeat the operation every three weeks, which will have grown an inch and so you can keep your hair in good shape without giving up that length you love.

And at least once a week, now that your hair is still in intensive care, you should apply a shock treatment that incorporates vitamins and lipids to enhance the elasticity and lost softness. Another possibility to get a silky hair in express time is to go to the professional and opt for a treatment in the hairdressing salon based on oils of plant origin, antioxidants and emollient substances that end with the lack of hydration of the hair and with the scouring aspect .


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