As with simple mortals, celebrities are not happy with the hair they were born with , so it is common to observe their innumerable changes in color, length and shape . Bella Hadid , for example, is a natural blonde but years ago she dyed her chestnut – the model has just repeated the operation right now – so that her image moved away from that of her sister Gigi and Camila Cabello just surprised us by declaring that her enviable mane Curly is the work of the permanent .

The singer has assured that her hair is really straight , as she has recently shown in the L’Oréal Paris Le Défilé fashion show that took place a few days ago during the Paris Fashion Week. So, how do those curls look totally natural look? Camila has admitted that they are the result of a permanent hair, since she had always wanted to show off her curly hair.

And how does the Havana interpreter care for her hair? You wash your head with a shampoo and never forget to apply conditioner ; then he uses a balm for curls , which moisturizes and provides definition, and always lets his hair dry in the air ; which is an advantage of curly hair: it does not need the use of the dryer. In addition, Camila ensures that he never uses irons or any other heat tool , but that his only trick to make the bangs look perfect is to put it behind his ears so that it has a smooth shape.


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