If you thought that the new haircut that Bella Hadid wore about 15 days ago during London Fashion Week was going to be the last change of look with which the model was going to surprise us – she left us shocked with her blond hair mid-August – you were wrong! Bella just dyed her hair again, this time brown .

During the Balenciaga fashion show in Paris Fashion Week we were able to see the top with her freshly dyed hair, so dark brown that it looks almost black . And, although blond is her natural hair color , she has worn it darker since she was a teenager. In fact, he has declared that he began to dye his hair when he was 14 , at which time he chose black and blue, colors that combined with the punk aesthetics he wore at that time.

However, it seems that this year he has decided to return to his origins, since at the end of March he wore on his Instagram account a dark blond that has been lightening progressively until this summer, at which time he has taken a more caramel tone ; a tone that its colorist, Jenna Perry , compared with Lucia Julia Roberts of the nineties.

It seems that the blond was perfect for the summer, but that Bella prefers a deeper hair tone for the fall . We will have to wait to see what happens in winter.


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