We have just opened the autumn and we already have our sights set on next October, we are in full swing to the routine, to school, to work … And it is time to renew ourselves, but we are not only talking about the change of closet, for which by the way you should point the trick of Sincerely Jules to extend the life of your summer dresses , but we want to talk about the change of toiletry . And, as with our clothes, the needs of our skin also change with the arrival of a new season and especially in autumn, it is very important that you opt for a makeup base capable of recovering that dry face and with spots that we bring from summer.

So that is why it is vital that this season you opt for makeup bases that provide extra luminosity , hydration, that cover but not too much (so you can still boast natural tanning ) and most importantly, that they are capable to get a good face instantly in this hard return to the routine and the early risers.

And we have good news because, although it seems impossible, we have found a makeup base that meets all these conditions and there is already a famous woman who has not been able to resist making her her new essential in the bag. Ana Fernández shared it yesterday through her Instagram account where she wrote: “Monday, glow effect makeup base for an illuminated skin, anti-pollution, radiant skin and natural finish” .

So after verifying that this makeup base is able to get rid of that irremediable tired face that returns every Monday, we have begun to investigate more about it and we have discovered that it is our new need in the bag for several reasons: fight against UV free radicals thanks to its SPF 25 sunscreen , hides redness, provides a perfect and smooth effect to the skin, brightens the face throughout the day , provides a hydration shot, has a medium coverage and in addition, there are eight tones different available, among which you can surely find the one that best suits your skin.


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