It has been saying goodbye to the summer and seeing how many of our favorite celebrities and celebrities if they cheered with a change of look to inaugurate this new autumn season. We have seen Dua Lipa , Selena Gomez or Alba Diaz with their new looks and now we have to add one more to our long list of radical changes: Millie Bobby Brown .

The actress of ‘Stranger Things’ (Netflix series) has shown us again that she dares with everything and that the radical look changes do not scare her. This has been shown to us during the presentation of her beauty line with a long mane, with volume and in a blond tone away from the long bob in brown color to which we were accustomed.

This time the British actress has boasted long hair and volume, with large, undone waves and stripe in the middle. All thanks to the work of the stylist Dafne Evangelista who has achieved this great makeover with extensions. Something that many celebrities have already resorted to in their look changes, as we saw a few months ago to the actress Blanca Suárez with her extra long hair .

The result? A change of radical look very flattering with which the young actress also points to one of the hairstyles that we will see more this fall ( mane with undone waves ).

And you? What do you think of this new makeover of Millie Bobby Brown?


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