It’s been a while since I blogged about nails, so when better than now? Honestly, my nails have been pretty neglected in the last few months. I’ve barely painted them, mostly because painting my nails was pretty low down in my list of priorities with a new baby in the house! Now that he’s a bit older and sleeps longer I have a bit more time on my hands. My old ritual of painting my nails in front of the telly (watching Game of Thrones!) in the evenings has slowly crept back in.

I’ve also completely changed my nail shape. Gone are my short, square nails in favour of a slightly longer oval shape. I’ll never have stiletto nails, I’d never be able to get anything done and frankly I don’t really like them. They’re a little bit too disney villain for me! 

I’ve also been enjoying wearing brights and pastels on my nails again, as always anything by Essie is a firm favourite. Here I’m wearing their shade Tarte Deco all over the nail with Sephora Formula X in Love Chemistry over the top on the ends.  


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