I’ve never been one for a signature scent, life is too short and I’m far too indecisive. I’ve built up quite a little collection over the years and throughly enjoy picking out which one to wear every morning. Today I thought I’d share with you a few light, spring-y floral scents I’ve been enjoying wearing recently. 

All three contain rose and peony, hardly surprising as I love the scent of both, they do however all manage to smell completely different. 

The first and probably my favourite of the bunch is Chloé Eau de Parfum, a favourite among many and with good reason. It’s definitely the most traditionally floral of the three as it also contains freesia, lily of the valley and magnolia. A touch of lychee in the top note gives it an ever so slightly fruity feel and amber and cedar in the base notes give it sophistication. Although I wear it all the time just day-to-day I think it’s particularly lovely to wear for an occasion like a summer wedding. It’s also very universal, I think someone of any age would enjoy it, provided they like florals of course. If you’re thinking of gifting someone a fragrance, this one would be a great option. 

Elie Saab Rose Couture was a bit of an impulse purchase, I bought it online in the sale mistaking it for their 2015 Limited Edition Resort fragrance and only realised my mistake after opening it! Luckily it was half price and I bought it with points so I don’t feel too bad. Although it has other floral notes (orange blossom and jasmine) it’s a much sweeter scent than I’d usually go for. Upon first spray it’s a sweet floral thanks to the heart notes of vanilla, peach and lychee but as it dries down to the base notes you are left with the extremely sweet caramel base note. Great for those who are a fan of sweet scents but not my favourite although I have been wearing it every now and then. It’s definitely nothing on the original Elie Saab Eau de Parfum which I love. 

The freshest and most modern is Stella Eau de Toilette by Stella McCartney. Added to the Rose and Peony that they all contain you have freesia and violet leaf giving it a more sophisticated edge and lemon and mandarin giving it that initial freshness. I wore this almost exclusively when I bought it last year and I just love it. It’s essentially a fresher version of the original Eau de Parfum but I’d struggle to chose a favourite between the two. 

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