I’ve never been hugely into powders, they just don’t excite me in the way that other makeup items do. That said, I’ve managed to try a huge amount over the years, both on myself and at work. They’re very functional to me, they serve a purpose. They need to keep my makeup in place all day, soak up extra shine in unwanted areas but never look cakey or overly matte. 

The Chanel Les Beiges Powder does all of those things for me, I just love it. It’s so lightweight. Once you’ve swept it over your skin you don’t even look like your wearing powder, it just keeps everything in place while still looking radiant and skin like. 

As you’d expect from Chanel, the quality is fantastic but the shade range isn’t great. I wear shade No30 as I only use it on the centre of my face but I’d be a No40 if I was wearing it all over. The darkest shade available in the UK and Europe is No50, which would probably suit a dark asian or light black skin. It does however go up to No70 in the US which is slightly better but still doesn’t cater to darker black skins. Extremely frustrating as it’s such a great product! 

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder is £40 from Feel Unique or $58 from Nordstrom 


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