I’m terribly late to the party on this one. Makeup artists, bloggers and youtubers have been singing the praises of the beauty blender for years now. My thinking was, it’s just an overpriced sponge, how good can it be? Plus I couldn’t help but feel like the whole process was a bit of a faff, you have to wet it, squeeze out the water and then bounce it over your skin to blend in foundation, who has the time? And so not one, but two beauty blenders sat completely untouched in the back of my dressing table drawer for well over a year.

Now I’m completely converted. I was after just one use, it blends product into your skin so beautifully. Meshing even the heaviest coverage foundation into your skin and making it appear completely skin like, rather than a thick layer of makeup sitting on the skin. 

The downside? Aside from the price, it does mean you use a lot more product as quite a bit just gets absorbed by the sponge and wasted. I probably end up using 2-3 times the amount of foundation when I use it so definitely not the most economical option. 

I would still however say that it is worth it! Despite the price, faff and wasted product. It gives such a flawless yet natural look to the skin. Most days I just slap on a bit of tinted moisturiser so I usually give it a miss but when I’m wearing foundation, particularly if I need to build up a few layers I’ve been using it and I just love the results!

The Original Beauty Blender is $20 from Sephora or £18 from Space NK


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