If you hate pictures of crystal clear waters and clear blue sky, look away now because I have rather a lot coming your way! We spent a week relaxing and sightseeing on the Amalfi coast back in June, it was our 5 year wedding anniversary and we decided a trip away would be a much better way to spend our money than getting each other presents. We also vlogged the entire trip so if you fancy a watch just scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post. 

We arrived at Naples airport, picked up our car and drove along the coast to Sorrento, the beautiful seaside town where we stayed for the week. After checking into our hotel we headed into the town centre and marvelled at the incredible views of the bay and mount Vesuvius. After walking down the paths cut into the cliff for what felt like hours we made it onto the beach and wandered all the way down to the port. Everywhere we looked was just so scenic and beautiful!

Days 2 and 3 involved some serious sightseeing and a lot of walking. We spent a full day in Pompeii and a morning in Herculaneum completely blown away by how amazingly well preserved the ancient cities are. All with mount Vesuvius threateningly looming in the background, a reminder that how much ever we try and control things in this world, some are just completely beyond us. 

On our drive back to Sorrento we decided to stop at a scenic spot and take some pictures. A couple of kind strangers offered to take a picture of us so here it is, with both of us looking super awkward!

After a day and a half spent soaking our tired feet in the pool and swimming in the sea we where ready for a bit of exploring again. So we booked onto a boat to take us to the island of Capri for the day, we did a full lap of the island, stopping along the way to see the famous grottos and then had a wander around the island for a few hours. Beautiful as it all was, the day didn’t pan out exactly as planned, I got extremely sea sick and it started to pour down with rain! I didn’t take too many pictures on these days but there’s loots of footage on the vlog at the bottom of the page (of the beach and island, not of me being sick!). 

By the end of our trip we I was getting pretty tired, I throughly enjoyed all of the sightseeing and exploring we did but walking around all day in the blazing sun when you’re pregnant isn’t the easiest! We decided to take things down a notch and spend time by the pool, on the beach and eating our body weight in pizza! A very well balanced trip I think! 


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