I’ve been switching up my base products a lot more recently, with lightweight, tinted moisturisers coming into the rotation a bit more in favour of my usual foundations. It’s as a result of two things, the weather, which has finally warmed up properly, meaning the last thing I want is a face caked in foundation. Secondly, my skin has been looking a lot better recently (fingers crossed it stays that way!) I haven’t had a breakout in quite a while and the pigmentation I have from old ones are fading rapidly thanks to my arsenal of skincare products.

I mentioned the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer in my Everyday Spring Makeup Video but since then I’ve switched to their Radiance Bronze version, which is a much better fit for my skintone as well as giving me a sun kissed summery glow. I’ve been applying it all over with my fingers and then following with the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Annapurna which gives a decent amount of coverage, enough to even out the skin. It does still leave the darker pigmentation marks and the dark circles under my eyes visible so to conceal those I go in with the MAC Select Cover Up in NC45 which looks very natural and skin-like. Not the highest coverage concealer in town but it definitely packs enough pigment to cover my everyday needs! 

What base products have you been using recently?

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