I love a good chemical exfoliant, I have done ever since I stopped using scrubs a few years ago, they’re much gentler on the skin yet still get the job done without damaging any delicate areas. I genuinely think they’re better for everyone. That said, they’re not all created equal, I’ve definitely tried some that are better than others. The Zelens PHA+ Bio Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads are up there as one of my favourites, they’re great for all skin types, even those who are very sensitive. 

So why do I love them so much? Well, because they’re so much more than just a exfoliating pad. They also hydrate the skin and contain antioxidants which protect skin from environmental damage. So they leave the skin feeling very comfortable rather than tight and stripped of moisture. They also contain two of my favourite ingredients, Lactic and Salicylic acid, both exfoliating acids that just seem to work very well on my skin. Salicylic acid is particularly good for those who are prone to blocked pores and blackheads and Lactic is great for brightening and fading pigmentation. They also contain PHAs (polyhydroxy acids) which are the next generation of exfoliating acids, which is where the hydrating and antioxidant properties come from. 

The directions advise that you use them twice per day but I just use them once or twice per week, I find that’s enough for my skin as I tend to also use an exfoliating mask a couple of times a week. Obviously you can tailor how often you use them to your skin’s needs, more blemish prone skins would definitely benefit from using them more often, as would those who want to see results a bit quicker.

At £65 for a pot of 50 pads they’re not exactly cheap but in my opinion they’re definitely worth the splurge. If like me you only use them once or twice a week they’ll last you at least 6 months. They’re definitely a product I’ll repurchase again and again, my skin has definitely been brighter and smoother since I started using them!

What do you use to exfoliate?

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