I love having a bit of at home spa time on a sunday evening, or on any other evening for that matter! It always involves a lovely smelling bath, sometimes a face mask and a few other bits and bobs depending on how I’m feeling. I thought it would be a good idea to share what I’m using here on the blog and make it a bit of a feature as I always seem to use a different combination of products. Today it’s all about relaxing and getting my self set up for a busy week back at work tomorrow. So here’s what I’ll be using!

I adore the scent of lavender and to me, this really captures that true lavender scent. It’s so calming and relaxing and it creates lots of lovely bubbles in the bath. That said, the formula does contain sulphates so it isn’t the kindest to skin, it can leave it feeling a bit on the dry side but it’s nothing a bit of body oil can’t solve!

I love a good face mask and this one is a firm favourite for when my skin needs a ‘quick fix’. It contains AHAs so it gently exfoliates the skin leaving it feeling soft, clean and bright. It just seems to work every single time, and the best part? You only have to leave it on for 4 minutes!

I’ve loved this stuff ever since I discovered it a few years ago and I don’t think I’ll stop using it anytime soon! It truly is an amazing product that I reach for again and again. It’s a body oil that glides on really easily and sinks in very quickly. It never leaves a greasy residue on the skin and it smells seriously amazing. I also find it leaves my skin feeling noticeably smoother for a good couple of days after I’ve used it, which is surprising considering I always moisturise my body everyday anyway.

What can I say? I love oils! For the face as well as for the body. They may take it little bit of extra time to work into the skin but in my opinion they are well and truly worth it. I’ve only used this facial oil a few times but so far I absolutely love it, it sinks into the skin really easily and a tiny bit goes a very, very long way. I’ll report back with a full review once I’ve been using it a bit longer!

What beauty products do you use to relax?

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