You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been a bit absent from the blog recently, but what can I say? Sometimes life just gets in the way and things are just too busy. Anyway, I’m back now with a fresh mind and a long list of blog post ides for the upcoming weeks so I thought I’d get stuck right in and talk about a couple of cleansers I’ve been using constantly and loving.

The first is from super clean skincare brand Nude and it’s their Perfect Cleansing Oil for Face and Eyes, this one is my first stop in the evenings, particularly if I’ve been wearing makeup. I just massage a couple of pumps into dry skin, it completely breaks down all makeup, including mascara. I then splash my face with water and the rich oil turns into a milk and rinses away, taking the makeup with it. It contains lots of natural, skin nourishing ingredients and my skin always feels healthier after using it. 

The second in my rotation is Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser, another cleanser packed full of great ingredients from an all clean and natural brand. This one contains lots of essential oils like camomile, rosemary and bergamot which, as well as doing great things for the skin, smell absolutely amazing. This one is my go to first thing in the morning as well as in the evening as a second cleanse after the nude one. I just scoop a bit out, massage it all over my face, inhale the lovely scent, then remove it with a flannel. 

The two work in combination with each other brilliantly well and my face feels baby soft after I use them. I’m already onto my second pot of Aurelia and the Nude cleansing oil will also definitely be repurchased when it runs out!

What cleansers have you been using recently?

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