I love a good bath product, especially when it feels a little bit luxe and the Soothe Bath Soak from The Bathory definitely does. It contains a base of pure epsom salts, oatmeal, honey and buttermilk which together leave skin feeling nourished and soft. The best part by far though, is the scent, you get to create it yourself by choosing 3 essential oils when you order it and it’s hand blended just for you here in the UK!

I decided to go for Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot, all scents which I love but I had no idea how they would work together. I decided to risk it and I’m so glad I did because the combination smells amazing, I’m so pleased with it! 

The directions recommend either using 1/4, 1/2 or the full jar in your bath, I initially thought that seemed like a lot so I just put in a couple of capfuls and was a bit disappointed as there wasn’t really any scent at all. The next time I tried it I decided to just go for it and poured in half the jar and it created such a lovely bath. The water went cloudy and took on the scent of the essential oils and the whole bathroom smelt lovely. Add to that the skin softening ingredients and I felt cosy and relaxed after my bath.

A Bathory Bath Soak would make a great treat to yourself or as a gift for someone else, they also have a couple of other bases and a good selection of oils to choose from. I’ll definitely be experimenting with another combination next time, although I won’t be using them too often as they work out quite expensive per bath, especially if you were to use the whole jar at once! 

Lastly, how pretty is the jar! I just love it, to me their packaging is just perfection. I almost can’t wait till it runs out so I can use the jar to store my makeup brushes! 

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