I’m definitely not one for having a ‘signature scent’, life is too short and I’m far too fickle. But if ever I was to have one, Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede would be a serious contender. 

It’s no secret I love peonies, I even named my blog after them, but of all the peony based fragrances I’ve come across, this is by far my favourite. It has that beautiful floral fullness of fresh summer peonies which when combined with the suede note suddenly feels more sophisticated. The top note of  crispy red apples gives it a lightness and freshness that makes it feel exceptionally modern. Not something easily done with a peony based fragrance. 

I’ve been wearing this fragrance almost non stop since I got it, I find the scent so addictive that I spend most of the day sniffing my wrist when I wear it (much to my hubby’s amusement). It’s definitely a fragrance I’ll be repurchasing again and again in years to come. 

What is your current favourite fragrance?

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