I know, I know, it’s been a while. Things have been super busy but I assure you I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth! I’m back with a nice long empties post to make up for it! As usual I’ll be talking about all the products I’ve used up, what I thought of them and most importantly, whether or not I’ll be repurchasing them!

Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me

This moisturising facial mist was given to me by a friend who wasn’t too keen on it. I enjoyed using it as a toner but I definitely still prefer the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Repurchase? No.

A lovely cream cleanser that feels a lot more expensive than it’s £4 price tag. Equally good to use in the morning as in the evening to remove makeup. Repurchase? Yes.

I’m not much of a powder wearer anyway but I particularly disliked this one, I found it to be far too heavy and cakey for my liking. It was such a pain to use up! Repurchse? No.

Another product I didn’t get on too well with. It wasn’t terrible but it just didn’t do much for my lashes. Repurchase? No.

This mascara on the other hand, was brilliant! It lengthened, volumeised, curled and made my lashes look jet black. By far the best ‘drugstore’ mascara I’ve ever used. Repurchase? Definitely.

Another brilliant budget skincare product from Botanics. I used this a few times a week and loved the results, it plumped up and moisturised skin and helped even out my skin tone. Repurchase? Yes.

Sephora Exfoliating Cream Cleanser

I bought this cleanser quite a while ago and used it more as a mask to allow the exfoliating enzymes time to get to work. I enjoyed using it but have since found other masks that give me better results. Repurchase? No.

It’s no secret that I love Lee Stafford products, I rave about them endlessly here on the blog but unfortunately this one wasn’t for me. Although it did smooth out my hair a bit it didn’t give it enough moisture or nourishment. This one would be great for those who have hair that’s slightly unruly but not particularly dry. Repurchase? No.

I’ve been using this hair shine spray for years and love it. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve repurchased it. I have however recently discovered a similar product I love even more, the Argan Oil Anti Frizz Serum Spray (full review here) that one adds shine too but also moisturises hair, protects it against humidity, reduces frizz and I prefer the scent so I’ll be buying it instead! Repurchase? No

A lightweight, cream textured, leave in conditioner. The product is lovely, it moisturises hair and controls frizz but the packaging is very annoying. The spray pump kept getting clogged up with product so I had to take it off and pour it into my hand. Not ideal! I’m not sure if this happens to all of them or if it was just mine but either way it meant I ended up using the product less often than I wanted too. Repurchase? No.

I loved this hand cream, it was a mini that I got as part of a GWP that quickly became a handbag staple. It did everything a hand cream should do and smelt great too! Repurchse? Yes.

I was given this mini as a gift, it came in a set with a few other EL fragrances but this was the one that immediately stood out to me. I just love it! I’ve since bought the full sized version so I’ll be doing a full on review soon. Repurchase? Already have!

I seem to have used up a lot of budget skincare lately! This was a great sensitive skin friendly, hydrating eye cream that performed just as well as a lot of the high end eye creams I’ve tried. Repurchase? Yes.

A relaxingly scented spray I spritz onto my pillow before bedtime, it relaxes me and sends me off to sleep. Maybe it’s just phycological but who cares if it works! Repurchase? Yes.

What have you used up recently?

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