This spot is usually reserved for my ‘NOTD’ post here on the blog but today I thought I’d make an exception and talk about another nail product I’ve been loving. Partly because I think it’s great and deserves a chance in the spotlight and partly because I’m currently giving my nails a break!

It’s the Kiko Nail Care 3 in 1 Shine which is a nail strengthener, base coat and top coat all in one. Surprisingly, it works as both a base and a top coat very well, I can’t really comment on the strengthening aspects as my nails are quite strong naturally. As a base coat it grips colour well and prevents polishes from staining nails and as a top coat is leaves colour with a super glossy finish. It dries pretty quickly too and definitely increases the wear time of my manicure. I would even go as far as to say I prefer it to the Nails Inc Top Coat, a cult product which is more than double the price! 

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