It’s empties time again! Where I talk through the products I’ve used up, what I thought of them and whether or not I’ll be repurchasing them. It’s been two months since my last post of this kind so I’ve gathered rather a lot! 

A light to medium formula body butter which has a nice spa like scent to it. I do really like it but there are other similar products that I like a lot more, like The Body Shop body butters. Repurchase? Maybe

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Shower Gel

Oh how I loved using this shower gel, it smelt like fresh lemonade and really made me feel awake first thing in the morning. I wish it wasn’t limited edition! Repurchase? Yes, if they ever bring it back!

This is such a cult product but if I’m honest I really dislike it, I just hate how it feels thick, gritty and dirty in my hair! I think there are much better dry shampoos on the market and I’ll be sticking to those in future! Repurchase? No

This is probably my favourite hand cream ever, it’s very moisturising, sinks in quickly without leaving any oily residue and isn’t too expensive. I bought three of these when they were on offer and I’ve managed to get to the end of them all at once! Full review here. Repurchase? Definitely

This oil is very good for soothing and moisturising very dry skin, I like to slather it on when I get out of the bath. It sinks in well and leaves my skin feeling so soft the next day. I’ve also been using it on a post surgery scar in the hope that it will help with the heeling progress! Repurchase? Yes

This one’s a really great clay mask on a budget. It tackles congested skin and spotty areas helping to bring it back to normality. I used it 2-3 times a week and was really pleased with the results. Repurchase? Yes, but not straight away, there are a few others I want to try!

I won’t go into this one too much as I did a whole post on my skin’s progress after using this up, you can see that here. Suffice to say it’s been my favourite skincare find of the year! It takes down spots in record time, keeps blackheads and clogged pores at bay and helps to reduce post blemish scarring! Repurchase? Definitely.

I love a good hydrating toner/ facial mist and this is one I’ve repurchased multiple times. It’s definitely not as much of a treat as their Beauty Elixir but it does rehydrate skin and is especially great for very sensitive skin helping to calm it down and feel less sore. Repurchase? Yes

I love this moisturiser, it’s another product I’ve bought time and time again. It’s really basic, no-fuss option that doesn’t have any wacky claims. It just moisturises your face really well. Sometimes that’s all you need! Repurchase? Yes

Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm

I was very excited to try this lip balm when I first bought it for two reasons, firstly it was supposed to be rose scented and secondly it was supposed to be tinted a flattering soft pink shade. Unfortunately it disappointed on both counts as the scent was pretty much non existent and there was no pigmentation what so ever! Repurchase? No

This is the only high street/drugstore concealer I’ve ever tried and I really liked it. It had a light to medium coverage that was very buildable and looked so natural on the skin. Great for everyday and worked well on blemishes as well as under the eyes. Repurchase? Yes 

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