If, like me, you’re a bit of a hoarder when it comes to all things beauty, you’ll be in need of somewhere to store it all. Seeing as my bathroom is a bit on the pokey side and I’d been previously storing it all on the windowsill I decided to invest in some storage drawers. Especially since products don’t keep as well if they’re exposed to sunlight.

I went for these sea grass/wicker ones which I got from Amazon here, they do a few different ones with either 2, 4 or 6 drawers which can be pulled out and used separately if you need to. I went for the one with 4 as I thought it was a nice height. I think they look really good in the bathroom and I much prefer them to the flimsy plastic drawers I’ve had in the past, they’re just so much prettier! The space inside each drawer isn’t huge but it’s enough to put things away and keep everything looking neat. At the moment I have skincare in the top one, bath, body and hair products in the second, the boy has been given the third one and the last one is for things I like to refer to as ‘boring spares’ like toothpaste, cotton pads, mouthwash etc. 

I’m so glad I got them, I think they look really nice in my bathroom, especially with some flowers on the top, and they’re very practical! How do you store all your beauty products?

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