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15 Unknown Facts About Kangana Ranaut


15 Unknown Facts About Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is an Indian actress and director who is currently seen in Bollywood movies. She has not just come a long way on the career front. But has also matured in real life. She is the Queen of Bollywood.

Here are 15 Unknown Facts About Kangana Ranaut

  1. The real name of Kangana is Kangana Amardeep Ranaut. And her nickname is Arshad.
  2. Her all-time favorite movie is DDLJ.
  3. She has a younger sister named Rangoli, who was a victim of an acid attack in 2005 by a jilted man.
  4. Kangana was forced to leave the family home in Himachal Pradesh as her father wasn’t happy with her decision of becoming an actress.
  5. She has written and delivered the dialogues of Queen as per her style.
  6. She learned to ride a horse for the movie Rani Lakhsmi bai.
  7. Kangana was awarded for Best Supporting Actress while Priyanka Chopra took the Best Actress National Award for the same film named Fashion.
  8. Kangana is a vegetarian as was even listed as ‘India’s hottest vegetarian’ by PETA in 2013.

  9. She is a very good basketball player.
  10. She has won three National Film Awards.
  11. Kangana follows the teachings of Swami Vivekananda.
  12. When she entered the industry, she couldn’t speak English fluently and was trolled for it.
  13. She wanted to be a doctor before she got into showbiz.
  14. She is known for her downright blunt and brutally honest opinions in the media.
  15. Kangana herself said that she is a very difficult person to understand.


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